Stud Service

The Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club offers Top Quality Stud Dogs!

Top Quality Stud Dogs

Before we offer our “boys” for breeding, we consider health, genetics and performance.  Any HHC dog is a good choice if you are looking to produce the best puppies that your female can deliver.  Tell us about the qualities that you want in your puppies and we will help you make the right stud selection. 

Breeding Services

The Horse and Hunt Club (HHC) “line” is at the top of the hunting dog heap.  We breed only the best to the best, bringing forth the finest qualities of the breed: Scenting, pointing, and hunting desire, combined with a gentle, loving personality to win your heart.  Descended from champions and equally at home in the field or at your hearth.

Satisfaction guaranteed.  Our breeding’s are carefully planned and the physical, mental and hunting characteristics are matched to achieve the most successful outcomes.  Our stud dogs and females are proven in Tournament Hunting action or through their work as professional hunting dogs here at the Club.

We are extremely selective in our breeding. We carefully guard the health of all the dogs. Females are generally restricted to a maximum of three breeding’s over their lifetime.  All breeding dogs are checked for good hips, eyes and general health.  We also select for temperament to ensure that HHC dogs are as valuable around the home as in the field.