Firearm Safety

Click on the videos below to watch a short video on firearm safety as it pertains to different shooting situations and service offerings at the Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club.

Basic Firearm Safety Rules

  • Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction / downfield

  • Keep the safety on until it's your turn to shoot

  • Do not load the gun until you're on the line and ready to shoot

  • Keep your finger away from the trigger

Firearm Safety On The Trap Fields

Firearm Safety On The Skeet Fields

Firearm Safety On The Sporting Clays Course

Firearm Safety On The Rifle & Pistol Ranges

Firearm Safety On The Hunting Fields

How To Safely Unload a Shotgun

How To Safely Unload a Rifle

Eye & Ear Protection

Talking To Kids About Gun Safety

Videos provided by Midway USA