We guarantee our dogs! A guarantee is given to our new dog owners.

The Dogs & You!

We’re here for the dogs and for you! Click on the links below to check out the other pages on our site and learn why a dog from The Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club Kennels is your best choice. We have some great sires like HHC Hank and HHC Scent, and more. You can rest assured that only the best will be chosen to carry on “The Line”.

More Than Just Dog Boarding

The Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club offers the following dog services:

  • Affordable Dog Boarding
  • German Shorthaird Pointer Puppies
  • German Shorthaired Pointer Stud Service
  • Started & Finished Dogs for Sale
  • Online Kennel Booking
  • Nutrisource Dog Food Program
  • Use of Hunting Dogs (Members Only)

Kennel Contact Info

Questions? Need more information on boarding? Puppies? Breeding?

Call Us: (507) 330-1353

Pick Up & Drop Off Hours: Monday-Sunday: 8:00am – 4:00pm (*Holiday hours may vary)

*Reservations are required! Please Call Ahead.


Members - 22.95 / night
Non-Members - 25.95 / night


Only at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club will we provide world class boarding services for your 4-legged friend while you’re away, just the way you would if your backyard was 600 acres of hunting dog heaven full of an amazing variety of activities, sounds and scents.

Even though your dog is part of your family, there are times when it’s not feasible or practical for your dog to travel with you. They may even be stressed traveling through airports or stuck in vehicles over long distances. It’s at those times, you can count on the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club to look out for your dog’s best interests.

We offer the following:

  • Clean, Spacious 4′ x 9′ Kennels
  • Kennels are in a Temperature Controlled, Well Ventilated Environment 
  • Every Dog Receives Daily Walks in Our Exercise Fenced-In Area Attached to the Kennels
  • We Offer Complimentary Dog Baths Before They’re Picked Up at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! 
  • NutriSource Dog Food Included, or You Can Bring Your Dog’s Own Food, if Preferred
  • By Request, Pictures Can be Sent to Owners of Dog During Stay
  • One-On-One Time With Quality & Caring Staff

America's Most Awarded German Shorthair Pointers

Our line began over 20 years ago in the Midwest and has become the most awarded tournament hunting line of dogs in the United States. It is based on Cent VonEsterfeld, the German-born stud dog imported directly from Germany in 1986. At the time he was rated the number one German Shorthair Pointer in the world under five years of age. He was bred to outstanding American females and The Line has prospered ever since. Every Top Dog Showdown winner in the Pointer Class has been an “HHC” dog for the past six years. To learn more about The Line and have an enjoyable read, you can get our book The Line and read in detail about these amazing dogs and their history.

Link to an article from MENZ Tournament Hunter Magazine “Dogs of the Past” feature about Mr. Cent.

Ownership Investment

When it comes to buying a dog or puppy there is no sense in skimping.

Well-bred, registered dogs are usually little more than unregistered, multi-breed dogs… Especially when you consider the following:

All dogs eat about the same amount of food, visit the vet with the same frequency, and require similar amenities and toys.

Our studies show that a midsized dog eats about $400 per year in food, requires about $400 per year in vet care and about $400 per year in other accoutrements, i.e. dog beds, kennels, toys, snacks, leashes, training devises and so on.
(C) Sheila Mattson

​It generally costs about $2,500 to train a hunting dog and well-bred dogs usually come on faster and retain training better.

Ultimately most dogs live about 10 to 15 years, depending on breed and fortune, so most dogs cost about $12,000 to $16,000 all in, over that span. ​

We firmly believe that to save a couple of hundred dollars on the front side is the biggest mistake a dog owner can make and that getting the best bred dogs will ultimately make you proud, happy and save lots of frustration.

Remember that the poorest hunting dog of all still eats $400 of food, requires $400 for vet fees, $400 for incidentals per year, will be harder to train, probably be more disobedient and once that dog gets in your house, it’s likely to be there for 10 or 15 years.

We guarantee our dogs and have been making people happy for over 30 years.

We’re here for the dogs and for you. Check out the other pages on our site and learn why a dog from the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club Kennels is your best choice.