GSP Breeding Program

High Quality Gun & Bird Dogs and Well-Rounded Family Companions.

About Our Line

Our line started with a German Shorthaired Pointer, Cent Ven Estervield, imported from Germany in 1986. From there, we have only bred the best of our dogs over the years to create the lineup we have today.

The most important standard we hold our dogs to is health. All our breeding dogs are fully health tested with OFA Hips, Elbows, Eyes and must pass to be bred. We DNA test all our studs and dams using Embark. All our breeding dogs are cleared from not only GSP breed specific genetic health conditions such as Von Willebrand Disease Type II, Day Blindness, NCL 8, and Arcal Mutilation Syndrome; but also, 218 additional genetic health conditions found in mainly other breeds. We want to make sure not only are our studs and dams healthy, but also the puppies we produce; so much so we promise a 2-year genetic health guarantee on all our puppies. We believe that a good looking, well-built dog needs to be a healthy dog too. 

Our second standard we hold our breeding dogs to is temperament. We believe heavily that any hunting dog, should and can control their behavior to be a well-rounded family and or household dog. Some may call this the “Off Switch.” 

The third standard we hold our dogs to is hunting capability. Almost, if not all of our breeding dogs are guide dogs for hunts at the club, but also hunt wild game off the property. A dog must hold up to our standards, but also our member’s standards in order to be a guide dog. Members spend a lot of money on setting birds and travel expenses to hunt wild game, so we take our dogs capability seriously to ensure that our members are pleased. Not only are our dogs guide dogs, but we run and prove most of them in hunting tournaments and trials. We run almost all our breeding dogs in Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club’s own series, Gun Dog Challenge (GDC). Gun Dog Challenge is a competitive trial/tournament to prove and have fun with your dog to test its abilities. Our other dogs have NATHA titling’s, while some are run and titled in AKC hunt tests.

Available Dogs

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Meet Walter

Birthdate: 4/19/2019

Walter is a guide dog at MHHC and has experience on pen raised and wild birds. He has been professionally trained; obedience, bird and gun, forced fetched and collar conditioned. Has a lot of drive to hunt and work. Loves retrieving in water. We love him at the kennels, he has spunky fun personality and only wants to please.

Would be best for a family who has an active lifestyle who enjoys hunting. Would work well with the right multi dog home, but would do fine as a singular dog as well. He is not a couch potato.

Walter is intact but we have not and will not be using him in our breeding program so you can choose to neuter.

If you’re interested in Walter please contact Danielle at 507-330-1353 or email us at