Sporting Clay League

Join us the week of April 18th through the week of August 21st for Minnesota Horse and Hunt Sporting Clay League 2022!

General Information

Start Date: Week of April 18th
End Date: Week of August 21st

League shooting is a great way to improve your skills, have fun and enjoy the company of like minded outdoors men & women. Sporting Clay League consists of 15 weeks of shooting 50 target round per week, using our 5 courses three times each. The handicapped scoring system means that everyone can contribute regardless of their skill levels.

New to League?

Join us April 11th at 5 pm for a informational meal & mixer! We will go over the league and answer any questions you might have.

New teams and shooters looking for a team are highly encouraged to attend our Open House! Come meet other shooters and learn about the league!

Questions? Call: (952) 447-2272


League play consists of one round per week, each round consisting of 50 targets for 15 weeks. The price per round is $21.50 for members and $28.50 for non-members. Save $1 per round by purchasing a prepaid 15 round punch cars- $307.50 for members and $412.50 for non-members. The punch card will expedite your check-in every week.

Sporting Clay Memberships:

The price of a Sport Clay Membership is $149/year plus tax. Memberships benefits include member pricing on all clay target games (Sporting Clay, Trap, Skeet, 5-Stand, & FITASC) year-round, 15% discount of food at Trigger’s and 15% off items in the Pro-Shop. 2022 Memberships include a $50 certificate to Trigger’s! And a brunch certificate for four people! (over $100 value)


A minimum of 5 shooters is required to make a team and a maximum of 15. Team scores take the 5 highest shooters, including handicap, for a weekly total. Non-league members are allowed to shoot with teams, but only scores shot by shooters on the team roster will be posted in the League Book. 

Team Captains:

Team Captains are responsible for:

  • Pre-register Team
    • Captains will receive a free round of clays if roster and league team fees are turned in by April 11th.
  • Register 1st Night of League
    • If you choose to wait and register on the first night of shooting, please send us an email stating day, time, and team name to get signed up.
  • Rosters can be modified until May 9th
  • Entering the scores into the League Book. 


Handicaps are calculated by using the shooter’s average score, then subtracting it from “par”, which is 43, and multiplying the difference by 70%.

For example: if a shooter’s average score is 30, the equation is 43-30+13x.7+ 9.1. The product (9.1) will be added to the shooters score. Handicaps are adjusted every week. Maximum score with a handicap is 43. All shooters are handicapped.

League Banquet:

Last year we had 230 people at the banquet- it was a ton of fun! Awards are given to teams that place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in classes AA, A, B, & C. The remaining cash will be used to purchase prizes awarded by random drawing to league shooters who complete all 15 weeks of shooting. Last year we gave away over 75 prizes!

Team Clay League Scores

RankingTeamTotalTeam Avg w/o HCP
1Almost Broke1415.00AA44.57
2Wolf Motors1391.25AA43.68
3Grazzini #11377.50AA43.25
4Pykled Nuts1373.75AA41.22
5ADT WASP #11350.38AA40.42
6Spent Shells1349.75AA42.66
7Smokin' Triggers1324.63AA42.15
8Heavy Loads1324.00AA40.08
9Don't Tread On Me1320.25AA42.36
10Team JCB1318.00AA40.31
11Wad Squad1309.50AA40.27
12ADT WASP #21236.00AA40.45
13What's Moderation1225.75AA43.56
14Johnny Wad1217.25AA41.21
16Castle Rock Bank1125.13AA42.05
17Powdered Clays1113.25AA42.79
19Buckshot Bandits1350.25A39.84
22South Dakota Martinis1334.00A37.95
23Dux-n-Dawgs #11325.25A37.93
25Spray and Pray1315.50A37.88
26Shattered Egos1314.25A37.40
27Young Guns1306.25A38.61
28All Choked Up1306.00A37.61
29Grip it and R.I.P it1301.75A37.69
30Swanson Meats1293.88A38.97
31Off Constantly1277.50A37.03
32Dead Clay Shooters1269.25A37.89
33BB Shooters1267.50A37.23
34Dakota Electric1214.50A37.97
35Breaking Bad988.25A39.72
36The Flyers635.00A39.13
38Team Capo170.63A39.25
39Wingin' It1330.75B34.85
40No Hitters1330.00B36.16
41Team One Shot1323.75B36.13
42Prior Lake Sportsman Club1323.13B36.01
43Clean Miss Club1321.50B35.37
44Blowin' Wads1321.38B36.80
46Slot Rat Bastards1301.50B35.07
48Dux-n-Dawgs #21291.13B36.93
49JB Woodfitters1279.75B36.63
50Clay Busters1279.75B34.92
51Bacon Blasters1267.75B36.97
52Columbia Precision1245.25B34.37
53Shoot Happens1236.00B35.03
54Grazzini #21187.25B36.56
55Valley Blasters1109.00B35.32
56B and B Lawn Care1012.00B36.67
57Rebel Lodge976.88B35.24
581 Shot 2 Hits975.25B36.65
59No Expectations951.00B35.83
61Bird Bustin' Babes1297.75C33.38
62Stevie's Wonders1290.75C33.38
63Crap Shooters1290.00C32.85
64One Pump Chumps1288.25C32.33
65Missed Opportunities1277.88C31.50
66Boom-Boom-Break S1 E11266.00C31.87
67Clay Dusters1265.25C32.53
68Team Tonka1263.38C31.43
69Shooting Blanks1259.63C33.59
70Saucer Slayers1234.50C33.39
71Rusty Shooters1234.00C32.74
73Dads with Guns and Daughters1118.00C33.14
74Brackett's Busters1051.50C32.00
75Busta Clays977.25C32.92
76Damn Gun is Broke671.13C33.55
77West Side Pullers615.63C33.87
79The Whiskey Barrels1285.75D28.48
80Orange Crush1279.50D29.84
81Clay Holers1273.75D30.97
82Over and Under1270.25D27.29
83Powder Puffs1237.88D22.35
84The Chunky Dunkers1235.00D25.86
85Hit or Miss1230.13D30.50
86Wingin' It Again1199.75D30.26
87PCL Pounders949.25D29.59
88Team Flood396.25D27.30

Individual Clay League Scores

1Paul T. RobeyAlmost Broke29048.3
2Gregg WolfWolf Motors29048.3
3Mike WilliamsAlmost Broke28848.0
4Dennis KrauseAhlmans28747.8
5Rob CommersAlmost Broke28447.3
6Tom HoelderleGrazzini #128447.3
7Tim SkinnerWhat's Moderation28347.2
8Todd RainsSaucer Slayers28347.2
9Doug DingmanJB Woodfitters28146.8
10Mike MyserADT WASP #128046.7
11Greg GrazziniGrazzini #127946.5
12Rob PaetzoldYoung Guns27946.5
13Rick PotterEureka27946.5
14Nate NiemannBuckshot Bandits27846.3
15Paul ThomasADT WASP #127646.0
16Tony WilliamsBlowin' Wads27646.0
17Juan MaciasDon't Tread On Me27646.0
18Kyle SchmidtADT WASP #227545.8
19Joel AshAlmost Broke27545.8
20Troy HoepnerPykled Nuts27545.8
21Rob BjorgeAhlmans27445.7
22Tim DuncanRackmaster27345.5
23Tim LarkinDon't Tread On Me27345.5
24Lee GraufOlympic27345.5
25Ryan GraufOlympic27345.5
26Dave WolfWolf Motors27245.3
27Mike AustinSpent Shells27245.3
28Jan BjorkRackmaster27145.2
29Joe JurikAhlmans27145.2
30Ken KraftTeam One Shot27045.0
31Dave RobohmPykled Nuts27045.0
32Dave SearlesPykled Nuts27045.0
33Louie DavisHeavy Loads27045.0
34Ben PortilloBuckshot Bandits26944.8
35Rob GregorWhat's Moderation26944.8
36Jeff ThoeleAlmost Broke26944.8
37Lowall NaasWingin' It26944.8
38Peter MolinaroADT WASP #126844.7
39Jess ColeRackmaster26844.7
40Sean KohoutWolf Motors26844.7
41Mike DolejsRegulators26744.5
42Henry StockmanSpray and Pray26744.5
43Guido GiloriGrazzini #126744.5
44Levi SchneiderSmokin' Triggers26744.5
45Rick RobohmPykled Nuts26744.5
46Ryan EversonHeavy Loads26744.5
47Steve RosslerDux-n-Dawgs #226644.3
48Jeff MesenbrinkTeam JCB26644.3
49Dave ParlinSpent Shells26644.3
50Jerry RyanEureka26644.3
51Bob MesenbrinkTeam JCB26544.2
52Grant SinkulaAhlmans26544.2
53Michael BeerJohnny Wad26444.0
54Michael SchmitSmokin' Triggers26444.0
55Scott SchmokelPrior Lake Sportsman Club26343.8
56Greg HallPykled Nuts26343.8
57Spencer MillerBB Shooters26343.8
58Kyle OlsonClay Busters26343.8
59Bob MonioADT WASP #226243.7
60Bob BobleterJohnny Wad26143.5
61Joe FischerWad Squad26043.3
62Chris SteinhoffTeam One Shot25943.2
63Scott QuiringTeam One Shot25843.0
64Jon SwitalaJB Woodfitters25843.0
65Kurt SeurerPykled Nuts25843.0
66Rob HaugenSwanson Meats25742.8
67Brian EmswilerAlmost Broke25742.8
68Kevin KrolczykGrazzini #125742.8
69Brian LangridgeThe Flyers25742.8
70Jeff SchneiderSmokin' Triggers25642.7
71Josh BrennyOpus25642.7
72Alex SentryzBoom-Boom-Break S1 E125542.5
73Kip PetersonSouth Dakota Martinis25542.5
74Dave HoppeBrackett's Busters25542.5
75Troy OrdorffRegulators25442.3
76Adam TlustySouth Dakota Martinis25442.3
77Tim KniefelBlowin' Wads25442.3
78Joe WolhfordGrazzini #225442.3
79Dan LundgrenSmokin' Triggers25442.3
80Gary StinarValley Blasters25442.3
81Tim AmesNo Hitters25442.3
82Mark WangerinClean Miss Club25342.2
83Greg SwansonOpus25342.2
84Zac KlingfusYoung Guns25342.2
85Dick WeinzierlAlmost Broke25242.0
86Randy NolanRusty Shooters25242.0
87Joe NegaardHit or Miss25141.8
88Cheyanne CollinsOver and Under25141.8
89Mike AllenDon't Tread On Me25141.8
90Lee KramerHeavy Loads25141.8
91Greg WorthenWingin' It25141.8
92Nick HoffmanSpray and Pray25041.7
93David LeVesseurNorthern25041.7
94Mike McMullenSoundgear25041.7
95Matt SaariOpus25041.7
96Kurt BranscrombPykled Nuts25041.7
97David MillerAll Choked Up24941.5
98John MitchellDux-n-Dawgs #124941.5
99Jason LaineRackmaster24941.5
100Brad DeroucheyTeam JCB24941.5
101Curt SchmaltzClean Miss Club24941.5
102Wade BruaPrior Lake Sportsman Club24841.3
103Shane KennedyOff Constantly24841.3
104Alan ShawRackmaster24741.2
105Gary GilbertsonShattered Egos24741.2
106Chad SandeyDon't Tread On Me24741.2
107Sam NiewinskiHeavy Loads24741.2
108Ryan ReinkeDakota Electric24641.0
109JD LudowesePrior Lake Sportsman Club24641.0
110Nick SchweimSouth Dakota Martinis24641.0
111Pat Galvin1 Shot 2 Hits24641.0
112Nathan SchaferSpray and Pray24540.8
113Lars StromayerCrap Shooters24540.8
114Jeff MurphyOff Constantly24540.8
115Chris HinikerShattered Egos24440.7
116Ted VerleeSouth Dakota Martinis24440.7
117Andrew CornellSwanson Meats24440.7
118Tyler StormTeam One Shot24440.7
119Chad ChristophersonDon't Tread On Me24440.7
120Dylan BuckGrip it and R.I.P it24440.7
121Nate OlsonBacon Blasters24340.5
122Mark GruetzmacherShooting Blanks24340.5
123Pete BohligStevie's Wonders24340.5
124Dan ChristensenSlot Rat Bastards24340.5
125Doug KirksSpent Shells24340.5
126Seth NelsonYoung Guns24340.5
127Josh BreeggemanNo Hitters24340.5
128Dan AmesNo Hitters24340.5
129Mark FitzWolf Motors24348.6
130Scott JesterRackmaster24240.3
131Tommy WillmanRegulators24240.3
132Steve GnozaShattered Egos24240.3
133Dave HoverTeam One Shot24140.2
134Travis GoerschBacon Blasters24140.2
135Tom KellyADT WASP #224148.2
136Kyle HamiltonWhat's Moderation24148.2
137Kurt WoodrichDux-n-Dawgs #124040.0
138Curt RoeRegulators24040.0
139Brian WagstromDead Clay Shooters24040.0
140Weston ThompsonShoot Happens23939.8
141Rick LemkeTeam JCB23939.8
142Branden OrdorffRegulators23839.7
143Dan EngerAlmost Broke23839.7
144Josh MauMissed Opportunities23839.7
145Rich BoumeesterWad Squad23839.7
146Dan NicolaiCastle Rock Bank23847.6
147Kevin SpeltzColumbia Precision23739.5
148Neal HeuerDead Clay Shooters23739.5
149Jim KaufenbergOne Pump Chumps23739.5
150Alex WitkowskyAhlmans23739.5
151Hans FrosethOrange Crush23739.5
152Jim FischerWad Squad23747.4
153Ed RajekDead Clay Shooters23639.3
154Butch DawsonValley Blasters23639.3
155Nate IscheAhlmans23639.3
156Tom SwansonAll Choked Up23539.2
157Bob ManwellAll Choked Up23539.2
158Clark OrlaskAll Choked Up23539.2
159Walf SlobodenSmokin' Triggers23539.2
160Dan MattisonSoundgear23539.2
161Cole ChapmanGrip it and R.I.P it23539.2
162Matt SandebergGrip it and R.I.P it23539.2
163Toby RothfuszShattered Egos23439.0
164Mark WeinandtDon't Tread On Me23439.0
165Derek BoumeesterWad Squad23439.0
166Tom MurtaughSlot Rat Bastards23439.0
167Mike KingHeavy Loads23439.0
168Tim PodasShattered Egos23338.8
169Jordan HumphriesSpray and Pray23338.8
170Sean MertesAhlmans23338.8
171Ralph PrchalClean Miss Club23338.8
172Bob HannamanOpus23338.8
173Mike NelsonYoung Guns23338.8
174Chris KennedyRegulators23238.7
175Andrew CookStevie's Wonders23238.7
176Donavan MooreBusta Clays23238.7
177Scott JensenRackmaster23138.5
178Stephen KolcinskiShattered Egos23138.5
179Krista KleveBird Bustin' Babes23138.5
180Eric SmisekSoundgear23138.5
181Scott KrummOpus23138.5
182Andy KopasDMA23138.5
183Justin SchultzPowdered Clays23146.2
184Chris NelsonClean Miss Club23038.3
185Mike RetterathOpus23038.3
186Bryan BartzBB Shooters23038.3
187Mike WeumDux-n-Dawgs #122938.2
188Bob LeePykled Nuts22938.2
189Ken RuedSlot Rat Bastards22938.2
190Greg DosserSouth Dakota Martinis22838.0
191Travis RademacherTeam JCB22838.0
192Brent HodgkinsB and B Lawn Care22838.0
193Bruce ZypanDads with Guns and Daughters22838.0
194Greg PetersGrazzini #122845.6
195Josh DurnadRackmaster22737.8
196Nate KircherRegulators22737.8
197Bill Holaday1 Shot 2 Hits22737.8
198David ChoiniereRebel Lodge22737.8
199Kyle StregeSlot Rat Bastards22737.8
200Jeff KlingfusYoung Guns22737.8
201Laura KrauseAhlmans22745.4
202Dary RosslerDux-n-Dawgs #222637.7
203Jack MatasoskyStevie's Wonders22637.7
204Tom LitkeSpent Shells22637.7
205Rick StidgerClay Dusters22637.7
206Garry MinorNo Expectations22645.2
207Steve WeckmanPowdered Clays22645.2
208Rich PawkickiAll Choked Up22537.5
209Lowell GrimmDux-n-Dawgs #122537.5
210Dean PeierPrior Lake Sportsman Club22537.5
211Chris ThompsonShoot Happens22537.5
212Keith McDonaldTeam JCB22537.5
213Shannon OlesonWolf Motors22537.5
214Dan PearsonAhlmans22537.5
215Ron CosterClean Miss Club22537.5
216Rick LindgrenPykled Nuts22537.5
217Dan RileyWingin' It22537.5
218Jess DonaldsonPykled Nuts22545.0
219Roger PaschADT WASP #122437.3
220Jeff HennAll Choked Up22437.3
221Todd DressenDux-n-Dawgs #222437.3
222Bruce KleaverClean Miss Club22437.3
223Peter LeafNo Hitters22437.3
224Tim HauglundEureka22444.8
225Andy HendersonShoot Happens22337.2
226Brian MolerBacon Blasters22337.2
227Bridget WolfWolf Motors22337.2
228Chad KapplerWingin' It Again22337.2
229Bob FriedheimADT WASP #222344.6
230Nate SchmitzDux-n-Dawgs #122344.6
231Garrett TidholmBlowin' Wads22237.0
232Nick TautgesBlowin' Wads22237.0
233Kevin CookStevie's Wonders22237.0
234Scott MackDMA22237.0
235Joe HoppeClay Holers22136.8
236George McIntyreTeam JCB22136.8
237Todd BeckBacon Blasters22136.8
238Jim GishClean Miss Club22136.8
239Dan GenadekGrip it and R.I.P it22136.8
240Nick MoeClay Dusters22136.8
241Dave LemkeClay Dusters22136.8
242Dave DubbelsCastle Rock Bank22144.2
243Jack WilliamsNo Expectations22036.7
244Collin O'BrienClay Busters22036.7
245Brad HendricksonThe Whiskey Barrels22036.7
246Gerard MoulzolfJohnny Wad22044.0
247Terry MinarikRegulators21936.5
248Terry WaltersDucknutz21936.5
249Troy AslesonGrip it and R.I.P it21936.5
250Adam SuraJB Woodfitters21936.5
251John RuedSlot Rat Bastards21936.5
252Bruce OlsonClay Busters21936.5
253Justin VandeputteDMA21936.5
254Andrew OversonSouth Dakota Martinis21943.8
255Josh KleveSouth Dakota Martinis21943.8
256Steve HinesAlmost Broke21943.8
257Paul ThielbarAhlmans21943.8
258David MasonWingin' It21836.3
259Partick SargeantCastle Rock Bank21843.6
260Nick LudowesePrior Lake Sportsman Club21736.2
261Brian RueShoot Happens21736.2
262Rick AshlingDead Clay Shooters21736.2
263Scott PykeRusty Shooters21736.2
264Laura BreeggemanNo Hitters21736.2
265Adam GrazziniGrazzini #121743.4
266Paul KewitschWingin' It21636.0
267Mark SchneiderDakota Electric21643.2
268Lizzy NicolaiCastle Rock Bank21643.2
269Bryan PetrickaRegulators21535.8
270Pam WieczorekBird Bustin' Babes21535.8
271Libby HurleyBird Bustin' Babes21535.8
272Han ChoiGrip it and R.I.P it21535.8
273Jason LundquistBB Shooters21543.0
274Chad PetersonBoom-Boom-Break S1 E121435.7
275Dave HermannClay Holers21435.7
276Taylor OlsonGrip it and R.I.P it21435.7
277Matt BransonDMA21435.7
278Bob WelshansAll Choked Up21335.5
279Aaron EhaltShattered Egos21335.5
280Jeff WilloxBrackett's Busters21335.5
281Mike ConroyEureka21342.6
282Kyle StokkeDux-n-Dawgs #121235.3
283Steve TubbsSlot Rat Bastards21235.3
284Paul DammannWingin' It Again21235.3
285Jeff KistAlmost Broke21242.4
286Ron WoodallPowdered Clays21242.4
287Davey WillmanRegulators21135.2
288Shaun ChesleyPykled Nuts21135.2
289Keegen EdelOrange Crush21135.2
290Todd BolligRebel Lodge21142.2
291Bob SmigelskiPowdered Clays21142.2
292Will MitchellDux-n-Dawgs #121035.0
293Rick St. MartinColumbia Precision21035.0
294John RingAhlmans21035.0
295Matt ScharberWingin' It21035.0
296Eric BensonSaucer Slayers21042.0
297David BeattyAll Choked Up20934.8
298Ron KorkowskiSoundgear20934.8
299John QuachOff Constantly20934.8
300Joe SiimonetteClean Miss Club20941.8
301Al AmesEureka20941.8
302Brett ReinkeDakota Electric20834.7
303Brent NeubarthDakota Electric20834.7
304Bryan MasonOff Constantly20834.7
305Bill HarrlsonOpus20834.7
306Josh SmithNo Expectations20841.6
307Kim BrenckmanADT WASP #220741.4
308Bob BurdittBB Shooters20741.4
309Chris ShimekPrior Lake Sportsman Club20634.3
310John Del ToroWad Squad20634.3
311Justin PotuznikBreaking Bad20641.2
312Corey KettnerNo Hitters20641.2
313David HellmuthGrazzini #120534.2
314Pat MungerBreaking Bad20541.0
315Rick BattisADT WASP #120333.8
316Bob SchmokelPrior Lake Sportsman Club20333.8
317Matt StrandRegulators20333.8
318Gary WenzelClean Miss Club20333.8
319John DayusCastle Rock Bank20340.6
320Bill GorillaAll Choked Up20233.7
321Eric HoyesClay Holers20233.7
322Ryan GiesmannSouth Dakota Martinis20233.7
323Jeff GeskeTeam One Shot20233.7
324Kaleb StapfColumbia Precision20233.7
325Jay RoemhildtB and B Lawn Care20233.7
326Dustin DingmanJB Woodfitters20233.7
327Todd JacobsonDMA20233.7
328Don HansonDux-n-Dawgs #120240.4
329Jim HoughWhat's Moderation20240.4
330David BPowdered Clays20240.4
331Ethan BruneauWingin' It Again20240.4
332Jon HoesOff Constantly20133.5
333Mike WolfWad Squad20140.2
334Andy CondonSoundgear20033.3
335Dan RentzOpus20033.3
336Christ MarkhamBusta Clays20033.3
337Scott KopasDMA20033.3
338Sean KopasDMA20033.3
339Chris WalkerB and B Lawn Care20040.0
340Joe KanePrior Lake Sportsman Club19933.2
341Barry GriffithRegulators19939.8
342Tom MichealsonBlowin' Wads19939.8
343Andy FrankShooting Blanks19939.8
344Dennis TrablingDads with Guns and Daughters19833.0
345Pete LadasRackmaster19732.8
346Dean NelsonDead Clay Shooters19732.8
347Dave MuelkenClean Miss Club19732.8
348Dan BreeggemanNo Hitters19732.8
349Nikki WeberCastle Rock Bank19739.4
350Todd JuttingRackmaster19632.7
351Mike McCormickThe Chunky Dunkers19632.7
352Roger SandoColumbia Precision19632.7
353Gene GrazziniGrazzini #219632.7
354Dylan StypulaMissed Opportunities19632.7
355Tim RuffOver and Under19532.5
356Tom BowenThe Chunky Dunkers19532.5
357Kevin BaasDMA19532.5
358Dave ScherfShattered Egos19539.0
359John SorahHit or Miss19432.3
360Duke MeierTeam Tonka19432.3
361Bill NewhouseRusty Shooters19432.3
362Gary MannWest Side Pullers19438.8
363Lou EllisThe Chunky Dunkers19332.2
364Steve LarsonClay Holers19232.0
365Amanda VailBird Bustin' Babes19232.0
366Mike HoffbeckThe Whiskey Barrels19232.0
367Steve CanakusAll Choked Up19238.4
368Joe ClemJohnny Wad19238.4
369Josh StieglbauerHeavy Loads19238.4
370Rob LeBlancClay Busters19131.8
371Todd UtechtSpray and Pray19138.2
372Charlie PikeCrap Shooters19138.2
373Carter EverettOne Pump Chumps19031.7
374Jared ElliottClay Dusters19031.7
375Derek EverettOne Pump Chumps18931.5
376Jesse DiedrichThe Whiskey Barrels18937.8
377Steve MohsBoom-Boom-Break S1 E118831.3
378Bill JohnsonDux-n-Dawgs #118831.3
379Jason FlattumTeam One Shot18831.3
380Todd WickardBreaking Bad18837.6
381Randy MilandCrap Shooters18837.6
382Doug QuastDux-n-Dawgs #218731.2
383Derrek RuedSlot Rat Bastards18731.2
384Wayde KettnerNo Hitters18731.2
385Ginger LundquistBB Shooters18737.4
386Brian ThompsonColumbia Precision18631.0
387Norb GernesClay Busters18631.0
388RobertaADT WASP #218637.2
389Emmy ThompsonPowder Puffs18530.8
390Greg TupperMissed Opportunities18530.8
391Jill ReichSaucer Slayers18530.8
392Tiffany KniefelStevie's Wonders18530.8
393Nick RobbinsBreaking Bad18537.0
394Adam ReinholdzOpus18537.0
395Greg SextonSpent Shells18546.3
396George MasmanidesSlot Rat Bastards18430.7
397Paul RippeDux-n-Dawgs #118436.8
398Greg SzypulskiGrazzini #218436.8
399Theresa NicolaiCastle Rock Bank18436.8
400Sandy AustinBird Bustin' Babes18330.5
401Matt WiseSaucer Slayers18330.5
402Patrick GastYoung Guns18330.5
403Kent WilsonOne Pump Chumps18230.3
404Norm CrevelingWingin' It18230.3
405Chuck PillsburyADT WASP #118236.4
406Kevin RolfShattered Egos18236.4
407Andrew ScrivnerWhat's Moderation18236.4
408Lance ShellerOne Pump Chumps18236.4
409Doug SchiefferBoom-Boom-Break S1 E118130.2
410Jeff WickhamBacon Blasters18130.2
411Dan WickNorthern18130.2
412Joe GrossBoom-Boom-Break S1 E118030.0
413Bill LangDMA18030.0
414Audie MillerBuckshot Bandits18036.0
415Mike WeberClay Holers17929.8
416Nathan DietzOver and Under17929.8
417Mark WestrumShooting Blanks17929.8
418Carrie ChesleyPykled Nuts17929.8
419Mark JustesenSpray and Pray17935.8
420Andy StromNorthern17935.8
421Mark BorchardtSpent Shells17944.8
422Evan MorrisOne Pump Chumps17829.7
423Andy CarletonClay Busters17829.7
424Richard HeymanThe Whiskey Barrels17829.7
425Mike DahnAhlmans17835.6
426Mike JonesADT WASP #217844.5
427Dave EdwardsDux-n-Dawgs #217735.4
428Tim SmithPrior Lake Sportsman Club17735.4
429Gary DanielsTeam Tonka17735.4
430Chad Burns1 Shot 2 Hits17635.2
431Jon KuckhahnADT WASP #117644.0
432Sue BuhlRackmaster17535.0
433Marc AndersonGrazzini #217535.0
434Ryan CustodioBusta Clays17535.0
435Nate LangeBuckshot Bandits17543.8
436Logan ShaflandDamn Gun is Broke17543.8
437Pat O'BoyleSandbaggers17543.8
438Sam StorksonDucknutz17429.0
439Kevin SemeradTeam Tonka17434.8
440Matt HaugenSwanson Meats17443.5
441Matt MulcahyShooting Blanks17328.8
442Keith JohnsonThe Chunky Dunkers17228.7
443Phuong FranklinNorthern17228.7
444Greg BaldwinRegulators17234.4
445Jack BenedictDucknutz17234.4
446Michael SchmaltzBB Shooters17234.4
447Aaron VogtStevie's Wonders17128.5
448Ken MlsnaDucknutz17028.3
449Josh ShantzMissed Opportunities17028.3
450Charlie SunderClean Miss Club17042.5
451Ryan SatherHit or Miss16928.2
452Brian JohnsonOver and Under16928.2
453John BenedictDucknutz16933.8
454Lance ReisetterSaucer Slayers16933.8
455Rick JurchisinStevie's Wonders16933.8
456Marty SextonDakota Electric16942.3
457John HanselmanSouth Dakota Martinis16828.0
458Kurt LarsonCrap Shooters16828.0
459Julie MyserADT WASP #116833.6
460Tanner HilgersPCL Pounders16842.0
461Lance LarsenOrange Crush16727.8
462Jim MayerleValley Blasters16733.4
463Dan BokinskieJohnny Wad16741.8
464Nathan FrenzelBoom-Boom-Break S1 E116627.7
465Dan BergBuckshot Bandits16633.2
466Nick FloodTeam Flood16633.2
467Jeremy EotvosBlowin' Wads16633.2
468Mike DoughertySaucer Slayers16633.2
469Patrick FrederiksenHeavy Loads16633.2
470Colin BeneckeGrazzini #116641.5
471Steve NovotnyOne Pump Chumps16527.5
472Steve MillerStevie's Wonders16527.5
473Nate DurtschiNo Hitters16527.5
474Jack HowardMissed Opportunities16427.3
475Jim JandroDads with Guns and Daughters16427.3
476Andrew RandallBuckshot Bandits16441.0
477Sudz BairdBird Bustin' Babes16332.6
478Darin JensenRusty Shooters16332.6
479Mark BoysenADT WASP #116340.8
480Brent LarrowCastle Rock Bank16340.8
481Jennifer FrosethOrange Crush16227.0
482Nate WenningerClay Dusters16126.8
483Teresa HennBird Bustin' Babes16132.2
484Adam NobelThe Whiskey Barrels16026.7
485Frank PartidaTeam Tonka16032.0
486Chris MeyerDux-n-Dawgs #216040.0
487Fritz KendrickShattered Egos15926.5
488Lulke GraysonDucknutz15926.5
489Mark MelanderDakota Electric15931.8
490Devon BarnesCrap Shooters15931.8
491Mark SchaeferHeavy Loads15939.8
492Corey BrophyMissed Opportunities15726.2
493Keith JansADT WASP #215731.4
494Pat AdamsValley Blasters15731.4
495Mark TiedeSmokin' Triggers15739.3
496Mary BohligStevie's Wonders15626.0
497Matthew HermannClay Dusters15626.0
498Bill JacksonShoot Happens15631.2
499Tony BrownOver and Under15525.8
500Doug RiesgrafOne Pump Chumps15531.0
501Gilbert OlsonDamn Gun is Broke15538.8
502Dale Ann SmithPowder Puffs15425.7
503Steve AckermanTeam Tonka15425.7
504Wade MillerDux-n-Dawgs #215430.8
505Dave FunkDux-n-Dawgs #215438.5
506Sonny StorksonDucknutz15325.5
507Kevin FeltmanCrap Shooters15330.6
508Kerry SchannoSouth Dakota Martinis15230.4
509Nigel EssBlowin' Wads15230.4
510Derek MilesRusty Shooters15230.4
511Brad GrantWingin' It Again15230.4
512Sam SchueSpray and Pray15025.0
513Mike MevissenMissed Opportunities15037.5
514Dan MuellerHit or Miss14924.8
515Julie PoolPowder Puffs14929.8
516Jerry JohnsonShattered Egos14937.3
517Jake MyhreSoundgear14937.3
518Wade TimmHeavy Loads14937.3
519Jeff DammenThe Chunky Dunkers14824.7
520John WilmerBusta Clays14824.7
521Kathleen SkarvanPowder Puffs14829.6
522Dave WeingartnerWest Side Pullers14829.6
523Patrick KempB and B Lawn Care14837.0
524Shorty FridgesClean Miss Club14724.5
525Danny LuedbkeOrange Crush14729.4
526Andrea BruaBird Bustin' Babes14529.0
527Clay SheltonBuckshot Bandits14536.3
528John SolbergOlympic14536.3
529Jon ConnealyJohnny Wad14436.0
530Brian ElliottOlympic14436.0
531Eric BenderTeam One Shot14323.8
532John MingoClean Miss Club14328.6
533Jeff ShaflandDamn Gun is Broke14335.8
534Brent GaroutteBlowin' Wads14335.8
535Scott O'BrienShooting Blanks14335.8
536Paul TierneyThe Whiskey Barrels14228.4
537James HoldenADT WASP #214235.5
538Dan SteinDads with Guns and Daughters14235.5
539Chris AydtOlympic14235.5
540Marvin PetersDMA14123.5
541Jonathan IsermanOlympic14128.2
542Gene GrommeschPrior Lake Sportsman Club14135.3
543Kevin KadrlikClean Miss Club14135.3
544Sherry SimonsonAhlmans14023.3
545Shawn PilaresSouth Dakota Martinis14035.0
546Adam LipoldJB Woodfitters13923.2
547Todd MyhreSoundgear13934.8
548Paul E. RobeyAlmost Broke13946.3
549John MarschWolf Motors13946.3
550Hunter NielsenGrazzini #213834.5
551Jake SkogquistPCL Pounders13734.3
552Nick PosthumusHit or Miss13627.2
553Rob GogginsRusty Shooters13627.2
554Doug FeickertTeam One Shot13634.0
555Matt BrennanBlowin' Wads13634.0
556Eric DepreyThe Whiskey Barrels13422.3
557Mike MorrisOrange Crush13326.6
558Todd SchmidtRegulators13233.0
559Ryan WeatheralSwanson Meats13143.7
560Jack GogginsRusty Shooters13026.0
561Randy KingWingin' It13026.0
562Tom SchmidtRegulators13032.5
563Ross BerryBuckshot Bandits13043.3
564Del SmithRebel Lodge13043.3
565Austin PletschSaucer Slayers13043.3
566Jim IngvalsonValley Blasters12932.3
567John WagnerWingin' It Again12932.3
568Rod EricksonTeam Tonka12725.4
569Chico FordPrior Lake Sportsman Club12731.8
570Nate WindschiftShooting Blanks12731.8
571Al PehrsonClean Miss Club12621.0
572Mike RoszakPCL Pounders12631.5
573Braedon OsabenDucknutz12631.5
574Owen RiessOver and Under12520.8
575Jeff HansonThe Chunky Dunkers12520.8
576Warner AndersonDead Clay Shooters12441.3
577Tim HarperPrior Lake Sportsman Club12230.5
578Adam EbertShoot Happens12230.5
579Jeff FelixSwanson Meats12230.5
580Josh MadsenWingin' It Again12230.5
581Randy SmithGrazzini #212240.7
582Anton TakareuskiBreaking Bad12140.3
583John AndersonRebel Lodge12140.3
584Kensley GraffOver and Under12020.0
586Rick HalerCrap Shooters12024.0
587Polly BeldenWingin' It Again11919.8
588Tony TegelsSandbaggers11939.7
589Jay HauerSpent Shells11739.0
590Dennis SurkampOver and Under11619.3
591Dylan DegrossPowdered Clays11638.7
592Scott LairOlympic11528.8
593Luke WilliamsNo Expectations11428.5
594Eric HainesSaucer Slayers11428.5
595Alex LeachSoundgear11438.0
596John KonopaWad Squad11438.0
597Mike KempOlympic11322.6
598Dan FrancoisOlympic11337.7
599Justin SaterbakOpus11337.7
600David MeyerJohnny Wad11237.3
601Pat PazderkaWest Side Pullers11237.3
602Louis RentschlerADT WASP #211127.8
603Song HouWingin' It Again11022.0
604Matt CarlanderPrior Lake Sportsman Club11036.7
605Peggy MillerBB Shooters10921.8
606Drew CornellSwanson Meats10936.3
607Jamie AndersonHeavy Loads10936.3
608Levi KubistaShoot Happens10827.0
609Brian ArndtTeam Tonka10836.0
610Clint MertesAhlmans10836.0
611Molly O'BoyleSandbaggers10836.0
612Dan OlsonThe Flyers10836.0
613Alissa FloodTeam Flood10721.4
614Trevor RueBlowin' Wads10726.8
615Tom SchuenkeWingin' It10726.8
616Mark MorrisonOne Pump Chumps10635.3
617Antonio AmadorDads with Guns and Daughters10635.3
618Barb OlsonPowder Puffs10521.0
619Ken PetersonOlympic10526.3
620Dave LenssBuckshot Bandits10535.0
621Jeff MillerPCL Pounders10420.8
622Rick AckermanSoundgear10220.4
623Tom RaisbeckSouth Dakota Martinis10234.0
624Dave KempB and B Lawn Care10234.0
625Renita JonesAhlmans10125.3
626Eric MatthewsGrazzini #210133.7
627Brendan WardOlympic9832.7
628Chris FranksDMA9832.7
629Will MayerBrackett's Busters9732.3
630Wencel KubesSlot Rat Bastards9624.0
631Greg LarsonThe Whiskey Barrels9515.8
632Elizabeth HoppeClay Holers9423.5
633Tom FuersenbergPrior Lake Sportsman Club9331.0
634Dave GuentherSpent Shells9346.5
635Will SiglinPCL Pounders9022.5
636Sarah Riviere HerzanOrange Crush9022.5
637Warren WinklemanCrap Shooters9030.0
638Mike LloydDads with Guns and Daughters9030.0
639Katy WeidnerWingin' It Again9030.0
640Mark BolligRebel Lodge8917.8
641Jamie MichaelWhat's Moderation8944.5
642Dan WennerlandWhat's Moderation8844.0
643Craig MaiwurmBreaking Bad8844.0
644Jack KaiserPykled Nuts8743.5
645Chad Wamhoff1 Shot 2 Hits8528.3
646Andy SchruppDakota Electric8542.5
647Scott GensmerAlmost Broke8542.5
648Cal MunkvoldSpent Shells8542.5
649Johnny GreenOrange Crush8428.0
650Brent Mussman1 Shot 2 Hits8442.0
651Michelle StresePowder Puffs8316.6
653Jerry GregersenSpent Shells8341.5
654Louis SteinhoffTeam One Shot8220.5
655Tom FergusonThe Flyers8241.0
656Dianne SchaferPowder Puffs8116.2
657Nick CapobiancoTeam Capo8140.5
658Ryan LundstromSwanson Meats7939.5
659Sean LawlerPCL Pounders7826.0
660Perry MulcroneShooting Blanks7826.0
661Todd GulbransonNorthern7839.0
662Todd RothThe Flyers7839.0
663Dave McNeeseHit or Miss7725.7
664Ryan BerrethDux-n-Dawgs #27738.5
665ChrisSaucer Slayers7738.5
666Austin GapinskiBuckshot Bandits7638.0
667Kyle CoenenBuckshot Bandits7638.0
668Chris SchruppDakota Electric7638.0
669Vinny CapobiancoTeam Capo7638.0
670Todd RostDead Clay Shooters7537.5
671Steve MaasSandbaggers7437.0
672Jamie WalshSlot Rat Bastards7437.0
673Heidi OlsonPowder Puffs7218.0
674Wade KotulaNorthern7236.0
675Joe ConroyOlympic7236.0
676Jeff HalversonSlot Rat Bastards7236.0
677Ben ThompsonNorthern7035.0
678Ray GaffneyTeam Tonka6934.5
679Bryce MaslinOrange Crush6934.5
680Greg HigginsWingin' It6822.7
681Gary DidioBrackett's Busters6616.5
682Dick MushitzSlot Rat Bastards6633.0
683Cathy OliverBird Bustin' Babes6432.0
684Scott AndersonRebel Lodge6432.0
685Megan GreenPowder Puffs6212.4
686Dave OlsonThe Flyers6231.0
687Tom HeidSlot Rat Bastards6130.5
688Billy AbbottClay Dusters6130.5
689Jim DauwalterClay Holers6020.0
690Dan VlasakBrackett's Busters6030.0
691Brian YoungBoom-Boom-Break S1 E15919.7
692Lance HeineyDamn Gun is Broke5929.5
693Tammy DammenThe Chunky Dunkers579.5
694Maureen GrazziniPowder Puffs5618.7
695Jason OlsonNo Expectations5618.7
696Ethan CornellSwanson Meats5628.0
697Matt ReutelerDucknutz5427.0
698Robert RundleWest Side Pullers5427.0
699Ron AmesNo Hitters5326.5
700Ben DavisPrior Lake Sportsman Club5226.0
701Tristan ShanksDamn Gun is Broke5125.5
702John BakkeNorthern5025.0
703Steve ShaferBrackett's Busters5025.0
704Dana GantrisDamn Gun is Broke4924.5
705Doug DistelYoung Guns4924.5
706Tom HoltzClay Holers4623.0
707MattShoot Happens4141.0
708Frank WeidnerWingin' It4141.0
709Phil CameronWhat's Moderation4040.0
710Steven PfarrDamn Gun is Broke3919.5
711Mike ManeyRebel Lodge3939.0
712Chris FisherBrackett's Busters3838.0
713Mark CarpenterPCL Pounders3636.0
714Nic HaugenSwanson Meats3636.0
715Logan AdamekBB Shooters3535.0
716Chris ArnesonBusta Clays3535.0
717Chad AdamekBB Shooters3434.0
718Vic IsraniWingin' It Again3316.5
719Steve BenzBrackett's Busters3333.0
720Reid RoemildhtPCL Pounders3232.0
721Logan FrosethOrange Crush3030.0
722Doug JaegerBuckshot Bandits2929.0
723Trent JohnsonPCL Pounders2828.0
724David OphaugShattered Egos2727.0
725Steve BrummerNorthern2727.0
726ConnieValley Blasters2626.0
727Joe Beard1 Shot 2 Hits2525.0
728Donald SachsNorthern2424.0
729BillValley Blasters2020.0
730George HockertBrackett's Busters2020.0
731Jen DoughertySaucer Slayers194.8
732Kyla GundersonOrange Crush1313.0