Youth Hunting Club of Minnesota

How To Apply

Camps fill up fast, but we have room for more female campers! Essays accepted starting Jan. 1st for summer camps.

Tell Us Why You Want To Become A Hunter

To be admitted to the Youth Hunting Club of Minnesota camps, each young person must write an essay explaining why they want to attend the camp.

The essay should be approximately 3-5 paragraphs and should include the aspiring camper’s name, age, gender, address and contact information including an email address.

We only want young people with an interest in hunting and the great outdoors; the essay must reflect that.

From the essays submitted, the young participants will be chosen.

The cost for the camp is all inclusive: ammo, guns, food, props, hunting, and lodging are included. The price for one session is $1150.00

The Youth Hunting Club of Minnesota has scholarships available for young people based on interest and need. The scholarships are typically for $1150.00.

Naturally we encourage parents who desire to help offset costs to do so, this can be done by making a donation to the Youth Hunting Club of Minnesota for the amount they choose. The donation is tax-deductible. Please click on the HOW TO HELP button to see all the ways you can help!

Application Information

  • Don't Forget To Include Your Home Address and Email So We Can Respond to Your Essay

  • Send Completed Essays to:

  • Or Send By Mail

    Someone Hunter
    Youth Hunting Club of MN
    2920 220th St E
    Prior Lake, MN

A Word About Camp Dates

Except for our third camp (boys and girls) which we have more staff on-hand, we generally limit our camps to around 12 kids. We have found that limiting the number of campers allows for better programming, youth interactions and overall experiences.

Due to our camps increased popularity, we’ve hit our maximum number of campers early each spring, and in recent years, added waiting lists for hopeful campers-to-be.

With that said, the following are a few things to keep in mind when determining a camp date:

  • If you know upfront that your child cannot attend part of the camp, please choose a different week. We pack so much learning into each week. We typically don’t have the extra staff time available to help a beginning camper get up to speed. ​
  • If your child isn’t 100% interested or gung ho about going to a hunting camp, please choose a different kind of camp. His/her lack of interest or enthusiasm takes extra time and energy away from the group.
  • If your child’s essay has been approved already, and an unforeseen conflict arises for his/her camp week, please contact us as soon as you can. We will try and work with you to resolve the conflict. Please do not wait until the child is already at camp!​